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  Model 23 Type Holder

-  Steel Stamping Set


Advantages of Model 23:


Easy to use


Heat-treated high-grade alloy steel construction


One-piece hand shank frames


Vinyl-coated hand shank to absorb shock


Replaceable hardened steel anvil


Custom multiple lines and extra capacity available


Press style model to adapt to most presses


The Model 23 is used to stamp repetitive sequences on metal plates. Either by hand or by press, the Model 23 offers a quick alternative by stamping a uniformly spaced and aligned character sequence. Because the operator "sets" the type, virtually any sequence or code can be obtained.


A replaceable heat-treated steel anvil is used to support the base of the type characters. A type holding pin seats on a taper and prevents the notched type from falling out. During the marking operation, pressure bears on the replaceable anvil, rather then on the slot or pin.


The Model 23 is available in numerous sizes and capacities, which start at 4 pieces and then increase incrementally by 2 pieces up to 16 pieces, depending on character sizes. By choosing the proper capacity, the use of blank spacers to fill voids can be minimized. Thus, setups can be accomplished quicker and easier. We strive to maintain over 110 different sizes and capacity holders. Refer to our price list for different sizes and capacities.


The Model 23P is equipped with a 1" diameter 1-1/4" or 2" long shank for use with most hand or power presses. For presses requiring a special round shank, consult the price list. For any other shank shape, request a factory quote. This machine is also equipped with an optional standard dovetail shank, which is recommended for use in Numberall's hand or power presses. By using the shanks outlined in the price list, the Model 23P can easily be adapted to our various platforms or stamp holders.


The Model 23 Type Holder can be modified in many ways to suit specific marking situations. Hot stamping or extended capacity can be easily accomplished. Multiple lines, with or without partition walls, can be manufactured. All multi-line type holders utilize set screws instead of type holding pins. If type holding pins are required, a partition wall is required and must be stated at time of ordering. If not stated, partition walls will not be used. Contact our sales engineers with your requirements for a quotation.



Model 23P

Steel Type Fonts

Numberall's steel type can be purchased in individual pieces but is also available in fonts, allowing you to have multiples pieces of each letter, number, symbols and blanks at your fingertips. Refer to the following chart for complete character break down of the 3A and 5A Fonts, showing which characters and how many of each character are included.

Individual Characters



A DELUXE WOODEN TYPE BOX, with lid and sectioned compartments for easy storage of type pieces and a handy magnetized tool for handling type pieces is supplied with each order for our Model 23 type holder.

To compliment the Model 23 Type Holder and aid in organizing Numberall's super quality steel type, a deluxe wooden type box and magnet is supplied with each order for the Model 23 and/or type font. The type box is designed with a separate compartment for each character, allowing for easy storage.


A handy magnetized tool is also included for handling type pieces and easy removal. The box has a hinged lid with clasp, as well as room for most type holders. The No. 1 small-size box is used for type up to 5/32". The No. 2 large-size is used for all larger type.



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We ship UPS all over the world.


Orders on stock items off the shelf that are made before 2pm will typically ship out the next day.


Custom orders on machinery and engraved/stamped tags will have at least a 1 week lead time, sometimes more depending on the quantity.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday

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We can be reached by phone, fax, or email during those hours.

Ask for Jason.

Service and Repairs

If you have a numbering machine or metal stamp that needs to be fixed, we can help!

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No Returns Allowed on Custom Products.

25% Restocking Charge on Returned Stock Items.

Returns must be within 15 days of delivery.

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