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  Hand Held Rotary Wheel Stamps - Individuals and Sets

Rotary Wheel Stamps for Metal


Eliminate searching for up to 40 individual hand stamps. Our Deluxe Single Wheel Rotary Set contains three individual hand stamps, with a total of 40 characters. By simply rotating the character wheel with your thumb and forefinger, characters can be changed quickly and precisely. For ease of arrangement and orientation, the wheels are indexed with the character configuration on the side of the wheel facing the user. Rigidly constructed and well balanced, the single wheel rotary stamps provide an efficient means of stamping individual characters.


Careful inspection and testing throughout the manufacturing process insure that each rotary stamp meets Numberall's high quality standards. By using the best high quality heat-treated alloy tool steel, the rotary stamps provide maximum life under severe usage.


Single wheel rotary stamps are available both individually in plastic pouches or in letter and deluxe sets packed in a convenient wooden box. The large proportional shanks are also available with press style shanks.


Replacement wheels and parts are readily available for years of service. Special character arrangements and styles are available upon request.


**Special Note: Character wheels of different sizes cannot be used in the same shank.

1/16" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

3/32" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

1/8" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

5/32" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

3/16" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

1/4" Rotary Metal Stamps - Single Wheel

5/16" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

3/8" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

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 A numbering machine is a mechanical self-inking stamp that automatically advances to the next consecutive number.

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No Returns Allowed  on Custom Products.


25% Restocking Charge

on Returned Stock Items


Returns must be within

15 days of delivery.


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Shipping Information

We ship UPS all over the world.


Orders on stock items off the shelf that are made before 2pm will typically ship out the next day.


Custom orders on machinery and engraved/stamped tags will have at least a 1 week lead time, sometimes more depending on the quantity.

Hours of Operation

We are open Monday through Friday

8am to 5pm pacific time.


We can be reached by phone, fax, or email during those hours.

Ask for Jason.

Service and Repairs

If you have a numbering machine or metal stamp that needs to be fixed, we can help!

Give us a call for a quote.

Terms of Service

Advance Payment Required.

No Returns Allowed on Custom Products.

25% Restocking Charge on Returned Stock Items.

Returns must be within 15 days of delivery.

Call for Return Authorization Number.


* Bates is a registered trade mark of  General Binding Corporation.

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1/8" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

3/32" Rotary Wheel Stamps - Single Wheel

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