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Metal Stamping & Custom Tools

This machine is designed for impressing letters and numbers in all kinds of products: metal, plastic, leather, etc. - Nameplates, Machine data plates, Metal Tags, Serial Numbers, etc.

This machine is designed for impressing letters and numbers in all kinds of products: name plates, motor plates, Social Security plates, tags, keys, letter box plates, house bell plates, dog collar plates, and similar flat metal parts.

number and letter stamping press
numbering and lettering press

Eliminate searching for up to 40 individual hand stamps.

Our Deluxe Single Wheel Rotary Set contains three individual hand stamps, with a total of 40 characters.


multi wheel alphabet and number stamp

12 characters per wheel - Alphabet & Numbers

2 to 5 wheels

Character Sizes - 1/16" to 3/16"

Used for jewelry & inspection identification marks. Use on metal, plastic, wood & most other materials. 600 symbols available.

Marks letters, numbers & symbols up to 3/16" tall.

The Model 23 is used to stamp repetitive sequences

on metal and plastic plates.

 Available with 4 to 16 pc. type holders and 8 Type Sizes.


Manual metal hand stamps. For use on metal, plastic, wood & other materials

Model 22 is an economical holder for all light-duty hand-held marking requirements. Numberall's standard super quality steel type, up to a maximum of 5/32" high characters, may be used.

Metal Stamp - light duty type holder

Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press platform

Can be used with: Type Holders, Rotary character wheels, LOGO Dies, Etc.

Non-Automatic Multi-Wheel Metal Stamp

Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press

3 to 18 wheels - Character Sizes - 1/32" to 1/4"


8 sizes

Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press

4 to 12 wheels

Made to order hand stamps, press dies,

trademarks and identification symbols.


Metal Stamp - metal numbering stamp

For stamping: Name Plates, Brass tags, Aluminum tags, Valve tags, Asset tags, Metal legend plates, Machine and Asset ID, Identification plates, Serial Numbers on metal, plastic, and more.

11 Sizes

4-12 Wheels


Holds Stamp in vertical position for perfect impressions. Gauge at bottom facilitates accurate placement of impression. Stamp may be removed from holder. Marks large parts or panels.

Inspection Hammer Stamps with Inserts

Stock and custom type available.


portable metal stamping holder

Metal Tags

Blank & Stamped

Metal  Stamps

and Equipment



Tools & Tape






Signs & Tags


Number Labels

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