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Short Order Products P.O. Box 5488 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 phone: 626-333-2450   fax: 626-333-2049
Short Order Products P.O. Box 5488 Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 phone: 626-333-2450   fax: 626-333-2049



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Metal Stamp
Dog tag machineidentification
Hand Stamps 03

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Metal stamping  

Metal Stamp - serial numbers, metal id tags, id plates and machine tags with this Metal Numbering Press.
This metal numbering press stamps Alphabet and Numbers on metal
ID tags, id plates, machine tags and any kind of metal plates.

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping press
Metal stamping


Model 40B
Numbering &
Lettering Press

Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press

This machine is designed for impressing
letters and numbers in all kinds of products:
name plates, motor plates, Social Security plates,
tags, keys, letter box plates, house bell plates,
dog collar plates, and similar flat metal parts.

Metal stamping

part numbering

large Metal stamping press


part numbering

rotary Metal stamping tool


Single Wheel
Rotary Metal Stamps
Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press
Eliminate searching for up to
40 individual hand stamps.
Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press
Our Deluxe Single Wheel Rotary Set
contains three individual hand stamps,
with a total of 40 characters.
Manual Number & Letter Stamping Press


Metal stamping type holder


inline Metal stamping type holder

Manual Metal Stamp
Model 23 Type Holder 
The Model 23 is used to stamp
repetitive sequences on metal plates.
Available with 4 to 16 pc. type holders
and 8 Type Sizes.


Metal stamping punchMetal stamping fonts


Used for jewelry & inspection identification marks.
Use on metal, plastic, wood & most other materials
600 symbols available
Marks letters, numbers & symbols up to 3/16" tall


Metal stamping Hand Stamps 03
Metal stamping Hand Stamps 10
Metal stamping Hand Stamps 05


Metal stamping serial numbers


Metal stamping part numbering




Metal Stamping

custom Metal stamping dies


Custom Metal Stamps
Hand & Press Mount

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping automatic numbering

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping bench press


Metal Stamp

Air Operated
Metal Stamp

Metal Stamp


Bench Mount

Numbering Metal Stamps

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping hammer


Metal Marking
Hammer Stamps
Inspection Stamps


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metal stamp, pet tag press, serial numbers, id tags, custom metal stamping, dog tag machined more.

Raised Letter Metal Embossing Tools & Supplies

Metal tag 29 Metal tag 30
Metal tag 31


Portable Printers

Print on Metal, Plastic, Glass & other materials


Jet Stamp



Numbers, dates, times, text,
Consecutive numbering
Fully automatic dater
2 lines of print





Numbers, dates, times, text,
logos and barcodes
in multi line print layouts



custom label




MasterCard and  VisaAmeX card . discover card
Advance Payment Required.
No Returns Allowed on Custom Products.
25% Restocking Charge on Returned Stock Items
Returns must be within 10 days of delivery and have an RMA number.
Call 626-333-2450 for your RMA number.

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Short Order Products
P.O. Box 5488 ~ Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
phone 626-333-2450 ~ fax 626-333-2049


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